Tachyon Render is a real time renderer for Cinema 4D that fully integrates into the rendering pipeline. Using physical based shading, Tachyon Render focuses on highest possible image quality. Users can scale from real time feedback to high quality multi-sampling that trades real time render times for better quality.


Development Update

We have spent the last couple of months on improving all features across the board. We are also intensively working on test automation which will allow us to reduce the time needed to deliver new releases while increasing the quality of builds.

Main Features

Features that are included in the current version are:

  • Physically Based Material System (specular-glossiness workflow)
  • Lights and Shadows
  • Image Based Lighting (IBL)
  • Linear Workflow
  • Geometry Displacement
  • Post Processing (Tone Mapping, Ambient Occlusion, preliminary Bloom and Depth of Field)
  • Support for Cloners / Instances (with more improvements under development)
  • Screen-Space Reflections (with more improvements under development)
  • Live Mode (real-time feedback for materials, lights and scene changes)


Testing of Tachyon Render is an on-going process and we are intensively testing for:

  • usability
  • stability
  • fitness for use in production
  • workflow issues
  • issues with parsing scene data
  • implementation of missing features according to feedback


Areas that we are actively improving right now are:

  • Transparent materials
  • Procedural UVs (objects currently still require uv-maps for texture mapping)
  • Multi-Pass rendering
  • Better animation support
  • Further improvements for Tachyon Live Mode (Real-time updates)
  • Tighter integration with Cinema 4D and improved scene parsing
  • UI improvements