Development Update

We have spent the last couple of months on improving all features across the board. We are also intensively working on test automation which will allow us to reduce the time needed to deliver new releases while increasing the quality of builds.

Transparency Sneak Peek

We are still working on transparency rendering. Our current approach is starting to look good so we wanted to share a sneak peek with you.

Displacement Preview

We would like to show some early results from our geometry displacement feature in Tachyon Render. The displacements are generated on the fly by the GPU using its tesselation feature. We are aiming to support not only greyscale height maps but also vector displacement maps. This is an early preview. We are still working on the details.

Material Tests

During development we continuously test Tachyon Render’s material system. Here are some results.

Image Based Lighting Preview

This is a preview of real time Image Based Lighting (IBL) in the pre-alpha version of Tachyon Render. Use a HDR environment map to light your scene quickly with little performance penalty. Changing the high dynamic range (HDR) environment map allows to change the light mood quickly without the need for a different light setup. The impact on render times is minimal. The image based lighting fills in shadows nicely and results in a much richer lighting.