Sorry, we are late!

We were planning to have a beta version ready for you around now, but we won't make it. We are putting thousands of hours of work into developing Tachyon Render and hope it will become a indispensable tool for your work.

We are very happy with the quality of results …

Shadows Preview

A quick preview of the shadow types we have right now in the Tachyon Render Alpha version.

We have implemented a range of different shadow algorithms in Tachyon Render. You can choose from fast, simple shadow maps all the way up to physically accurate shadows which trade performance for high …

Comparing Physical Renderer and Tachyon Render

Our goal with Tachyon Render is not only to have high quality real-time materials but also to provide a workflow that is as familiar as possible.

One very important aspect the materials. We want to be able to create a wide range of different materials that match what you can …

Material Preview

We are excited to show you some results that are possible with Tachyon Render. We are implementing a physically based material that allows to create a wide range of different surfaces with a single material.

The material user interface is not quite ready for prime time yet. We are still …

Initial FAQs

Thank you all for your interest in Tachyon Render. We received many emails after our first teaser. We have compiled the most frequently asked questions into inital FAQs.

Moving Offices

Just a short heads-up. As our team grows we are moving offices to a new floor. We are eager to get working on Tachyon Render again after the move is complete. This will just be a short hickup on our road to the beta.

Tachyon Render Interview on Lesterbanks

Following the short teaser on our project Lesterbanks conducted an interview with Martin Weber and asked us for more details. Head over to Lesterbanks for all the details.