Initial FAQs

Thank you all for your interest in Tachyon Render. We received many emails after our first teaser. We have compiled the most frequently asked questions into inital FAQs.

Moving Offices

Just a short heads-up. As our team grows we are moving offices to a new floor. We are eager to get working on Tachyon Render again after the move is complete. This will just be a short hickup on our road to the beta.

Tachyon Render Interview on Lesterbanks

Following the short teaser on our project Lesterbanks conducted an interview with Martin Weber and asked us for more details. Head over to Lesterbanks for all the details.

First Teaser

Tachyon Render is a realtime renderer for Cinema 4D that fully integrates into the rendering pipeline. Using physical based shading, Tachyon Render focuses on highest possible image quality. Users can scale from realtime feedback to high quality multi-sampling that trades realtime render times for better quality.